The Tsavo National Park

tsavo1This is the largest National Park in Kenya as it combines the Tsavo West Park covering 9000 sq km and Tsavo East Park covering 11,747 sq km.  Visitors to the Park get to experience a historic resonance of the Kenyan history of man-eater lions which belonged to the Tsavo. This is also one of the few destinations where you get to observe slightly wilder game compared to other parks.

In addition to the dramatic experience that Tsavo offers, you also get to see the ‘Big Five’ (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Elephant, and Buffalo) in one camp. The endangered rhino also forms part of the wildlife population in this Park.

Tsavo East provides an uninterrupted view of wildlife from its unique water catchment area – the mudanda rock. It holds the very life-line of large herds of elephants among other animals. Tsavo West on the other hand has unique landscape features such as the Mzima Springs which is a source of copious amounts of fresh water. The Riverine Forest located within the Park provides a habitat to lively families of monkeys and a variety of bird species.