The Amboseli National Park

amboseli1The Amboseli National Park presents a classical view of Mount Kilimanjaro and some of the biggest Elephant species in Africa. A combination of the colossal elephant and Mt. Kilimanjaro is an iconic spectacle to behold. It is one view that every visitor would love to capture.

The Amboseli boasts of fifty mammal species and plenty of bird-life all living in their natural habitats and sharing one ecosystem. This incredible wildlife population also shares the ecosystem with the Maasai tribe – a popular Kenyan tribe which is famous for its traditional culture.

To sustain the wide variety of wildlife population, the Amboseli National Park has five main habitats which include: swamps and marshlands, acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush and open plains.The park also has lush vegetation that is watered by the flowing water of melting snow from the Kilimanjaro. The flowing water is absorbed underground and forms springs, swamps and marshes which attract beautiful bird species like the Starling, Harrier Eagle and Taita Falcon.

The park is well equipped for accommodation with established environmental friendly lodges that will provide an amazing camping and lodging experience