Mt. Elgon National Park

Mt. Elgon forms the enchanting safari attraction on the border between Kenya and Uganda. The park has over the years been particularly popular with nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The park is warm, exciting and friendly; favorable for families, friends, colleagues and even institution’s day out. The park lets you experience Africa in a unique and memorable way, with attractions that spread across two countries.

Mt Elgon national park serves up traditional park attractions but with a nice twist, delicately packaged to fulfill both realities and fantasies of many tourists.


Wildlife viewing is a given in any game park. Mt Elgon goes out of its way to squeeze in unique species of animals that are rarely visible in other parks. Bushbucks, black and white Colombus monkeys and golden cats will be staring up your binoculars and occasionally scaring the hell out of you. Members of the big five in this locality include Elephants, buffaloes and leopards.


Bird watching

Contrary to popular views, bird watching vacations can be a stand-alone adventure. The beautiful plumage in Mt. Elgon National park will enchant the avian enthusiast in you. Binoculars will come in handy, and will your curiosity and desire to track, spot and learn about bird life.


A labored but totally called-for trek deeper into the forest will bring you to the park’s waterfall. The serenity in this particular vicinity is enthralling, with the sound of water hitting the rock blending in with the chirping of birds, coaxing the woes of you as the majesty of nature unfolds.


Caves are ideally underground natural spaces that most people find adventurous. A veil of darkness screens the caves in Mt. Elgon national park, arousing the nosiness of visitors. The fear of the unknown engulfs you, but more often than not, the pulsating curiosity in you will send you down the cave. Not to worry though, your guides will lead the way.


Mountain views

Apart from the un-tamed view of the park, Mountain viewing is as equally important. The mountain is also an exclusive territory for backpackers


The dense forest also has 5 campsites that are strategically located within a trekking distance for safety. Camping in the wild is both exciting and meaningful, an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.