Marsabit National Park

marsabit1Marsabit Park is a quiet hidden paradise amidst the dry and sparsely habited land of Kenya’s north. This remote but spectacular wildlife residence has plenty of forest cover which gives shelter to a host of bird species and animals. The famous Big Five (lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, elephant) live here amongst other rare mammals like the reticulated giraffe and the Grevy Zebra found only in Northern Kenya.

With the challenge of dry climate in this part of Kenya, animals and birds who call Marsabit their home will be spotted around water sources such as the Lake Paradise. You are likely to catch a glimpse of animals such as the leopard and reptiles that hide on tree tops in the forest drinking water at the lake. Some hunting action can also be captured as predators try their luck when the herbivores arrive in numbers to drink water on hot afternoons.

Even though the terrain leading to the park can be rough and unforgiving, the rewards at the other end of the road are in plenty. Flying is one of the best travel options for visitors who would like an easy access to the park. Plan your safari early enough and get to sample this scenic pearl located in the Northern part of Kenya.marsabit2