Oliver’s Camp & Little Oliver’s CampHave you ever wished you could walk amongst the beasts of the wild and get closer to Africa’s natural beauty? At Oliver’s camp you can get a chance to do that and much more, View Listing
Kwihala CampThe camp is hidden deep in the bush, perched on a hillside, close enough to the Mwagusi sand river. The area is especially famed for numerous sightings of diverse and rare wildlife species., View Listing
The RetreatThe Retreat is a quintessential destination for any connoisseur traveler seeking nothing short of authentic and individualistic safari experiences. , View Listing
Rubondo Island CampElephants roaming far and wide, colorful birds chirping and butterflies flapping their way through indigenous forests and boughs, welcome to Rubondo Island in south Western part of Lake Victoria. Rubondo is expansive, 25,000 hectares of prime land on Lake Victoria, cool waters teeming with Nile Perch, hippos and a myriad of other aquatic animals, View Listing