Safari Lodges and Hotels in Lamu

Lamu House Hotel and Beach Club Lamu House Hotel and Beach Club Lamu house is a prime accommodation facility on Lamu Island that is suited for short-term holiday makers, guests wishing to rent a room for a prolonged stay and even groups and families who prefer to have the whole establishment to themselves for a specified period of time. , View Listing
Manda BayManda BayManda Bay is a family owned safari club on Lamu Island acquired by conservationist Fuzz dyer and renowned chef Bimbi Dyer back in 2003. The couple has since turned the property around, renovating and revamping it to a world class club that guarantees fun, safety and unique safari experiences to all its guests, View Listing
Kijani House HotelKijani House HotelKijani house is an exclusive hotel set in Shela village on the beautiful Lamu Island. The atmosphere at the hotel oozes tranquillity and seclusion, affording guests an amazing time at the facility. , View Listing
Shela HousesShela HousesShela houses are some of the most popular vacation accommodation houses on the Kenyan coastal island of Lamu. Beach house, Garden, Shela and Palm houses make up the Lamu Shela houses. These four stylish, comfortable and very private houses are situated within the renowned Shela Village. Each house has an individually styled rooftop with terraces that present stunning views of the sea, the dunes and life in Shela village. , View Listing
Fatuma's TowerFatuma's TowerLocated just 10 minutes walk from Shela beach, Fatuma’s tower is a scenic boutique hotel in the beautiful Lamu region of the Kenyan coast. The hotel is tucked away behind Shela village on evergreen gardens and flourishing sand dunes and has remained a remarkable garden paradise since 1998, View Listing