Oliver’s Camp & Little Oliver’s CampHave you ever wished you could walk amongst the beasts of the wild and get closer to Africa’s natural beauty? At Oliver’s camp you can get a chance to do that and much more, View Listing
Ubuntu CampUbuntu is a tented camp, with authentic comfort and luxury that comes with Mother Nature. The camp moves seasonally around the park in a bid to optimize the chances of witnessing the popular annual Wildebeest Migration., View Listing
Kwihala CampThe camp is hidden deep in the bush, perched on a hillside, close enough to the Mwagusi sand river. The area is especially famed for numerous sightings of diverse and rare wildlife species., View Listing
The RetreatThe Retreat is a quintessential destination for any connoisseur traveler seeking nothing short of authentic and individualistic safari experiences. , View Listing
Namiri plains, SerengetiNamiri is the newest Asilia Africa camp, a freshly minted haven for cheetahs that was opened to the public in July 2014. It is a big cats’ country extraordinaire. , View Listing
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