Royal City HotelRoyal City HotelRoyal City Hotel in Kisumu is a modern chic hotel nestled in the heart of Kisumu City. Known to ooze unparalleled style and class fit for Kings, Royal City Hotel presents a rich ambiance through its intricate interior design and landscaping technique. It is located a stone throw away from the famous Lake Victoria, with picturesque views that will simply take your breath away., View Listing
Twiga Sanctuary Guest HouseTwiga Sanctuary Guest HouseTwiga Sanctuary Guest House is conveniently located in the heart of Kisumu City, near major trademarks such as the Twiga Sanctuary and the Kisumu Museum. Perfect for the leisure and business-minded traveller, Twiga Sanctuary Guest House is a modern establishment made of well-cut stones and impeccable interior finishes., View Listing
Watamu Tree HouseWatamu Tree HouseWatamu Tree house is a magnificent work of art well built with white finishes to resemble the sandy beaches that abound on the Watamu beach. Designed for luxury and exclusivity, Watamu Tree House offers unique architectural designs that incorporate stained glass art, thatched roofs and wooden beams throughout the house., View Listing
Kiboko Bay ResortKiboko Bay ResortKiboko Bay Resort is nestled within Kisumu city, merging ultra-luxury with the bush Safari feel of Africa. Suitable for business and relaxation, Kisumu Bay Resort is a perfect getaway that sits by the idyllic shores of the majestic Lake Victoria. , View Listing
Jumuia Guest House ResortJumuia Guest House ResortJumuia Resort, Kisumu is a component of the Jumuia Chain of Resorts in Kenya. It embodies country living with a touch of elegance and sophisticated class that is unrivalled in the hospitality industry., View Listing
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