Lake Nakuru National Park

nakuru1Lake Nakuru National Park rivals the Amboseli in popularity with both of them coming in second after the Maasai Mara game reserve. Its most famous feature is the flamingoes roaming the shores of Lake Nakuru in search of algae. The beautiful sceneries presented by the flamingoes have been a major tourist attraction.

Unlike the Amboseli National Park, the park houses over 56 different mammal species including some of the members of the ‘Big Five’ such as the Leopard, Lion and Buffalo. It also offers a habitat to the rare and endangered black and white rhino, the two gazelle species: Thomson and Grant, Olive baboons, the Rothschild giraffe species, impalas and waterbucks.

If you are also a flora admirer, Lake Nakuru Park has over 550 plant species that share the landscape with the yellow acacia woodland and the largest Euphorbia candelabrum forest on the African continent. From the landscape you can also spot the fast flowing water of the Makalia waterfalls and Bahrain springs. The strategic Baboon cliff and Lion hill viewpoints complete the wholesome view of the beautiful Nakuru National Park landscape.