Kenyan tour and travel seasons

high-seasonsIn order to fully benefit from a Kenyan safari experience you need to know what seasons of the year are best to plan for a holiday. Kenya has both the high and low season – the high season being the most popular with tourists.

High season

 The High season that falls in mid June through October and mid December to February is preferred to the low season mainly because of its dry weather and the fact that it also covers the incredible wildebeest migration to Kenya. During these weather conditions, vegetation is neither green nor in plenty resulting in unobstructed view of the wildlife even from a distance. Animals are also easier to spot and there is more action to witness.  Predators take advantage of the clear fields to target and kill prey since most animals congregate at permanent watering holes due to the scotching sunlight.

Mount Kenya creates an adventure and a great outdoor activity for mountain climbing which is a serious undertaking during the wet season.  

high-season-2Although less colorful and more expensive than the low season, this season attracts more visitors and is undoubtedly the most enjoyable.  The season presents an opportunity to interact and even share experiences with other tourists. A full house in the lodge or the camp with other guests to share dinner with or chat over a bon-fire is one of the greatest experiences in the wild.

Low season

 Some tourists prefer the low season also referred to as the ‘green season’ mainly because of its lower rates and   the lush green landscape that is absolutely breathtaking. The low season mainly falls between April to June when the country is experiencing the long rainy season. Accommodation rates for lodges and camps drop to as low as 40% compared to charges during high season.

low-seasonVisiting during the low season gives you a chance to witness the birth of newborns as it naturally occurs during the rainy season when there is plenty of food and water. It is also a spectacular moment to watch predators in a killing spree as the new-borns present an easy prey.

Despite the lower rates, lodges and other accommodation facilities are less crowded making it an ideal season for tourists seeking a serene and quiet camping environment. Generally, the green season is not for first time visitors who are yet to see wildlife and maybe on safari for a short period of time. For first time tourists or those in Kenya for a short period, the High season is preferable since the landscape is clearer, the grass is shorter and the animals are well spread out and easy to spot.