Kenya Scenery

Kenya is blessed with breathtaking scenery. The clouds above and the vegetation below combine and converge to produce some of the most beautiful sceneries to behold. A baby elephant taking a leisurely walk alongside its mother in the open savanna grasslands, herbivores jostling for space at a watering hole oblivious of the carnivores watching them from a distance and the blending of monkey chatter with the chirping of the birds on tree tops are all memorable sights and sounds.

kenyan-sceneryLake Nakuru in the Rift Valley presents the prettiest pink spectacle on earth with tons of flamingoes dotting the soda crusted shoreline of the lake. The lake is home to several species of fish, with tilapia particularly thriving in the lake’s jagged and steep escarpment.

The Kenyan coast (which doubles as the point of entry to east Africa by sea) is famous for its historical monuments and sandy beaches, making up for a great collection of sights to behold. Western part of the country proudly presents the Kakamega forests and their neighboring weeping stones.  The forests are a home to many species of flora and faina, a combination that results into unmatched ecosystems and co-existence. The monkeys swinging away on the tree branches further enhance the beauty of the place.

The lakeside city of Kisumu, located next to Lake Victoria is a lively fishing town with plenty to offer tourists. Visitors get an opportunity to go fishing in the second largest fresh water body in the world. The lake is teaming with amazing varieties of Fish. The city lies just off the line of the equator; this explains the plentiful of sunshine in the area.

Kenya’s Great Rift Valley is one of the most spectacular physical phenomena on earth. Located 355 km from the capital city Nairobi, the rift consists of craters, valleys, mountains as well the scenically rich lakes Naivasha and Nakuru. Lake Naivasha is an inland freshwater lake that is also a home to buffalos and hippos. It is also a popular destination for bird watchers; some of the resident bird species include lily-trotters, ospreys, black crakes, fish eagles and a large variety of herons. There are also plenty of grazing animals on the shores of the lake including impalas and kongoni.

kenyan-scenery-2The northern part of the country is also a hub of awesome attractions such as Lake Turkana which is the largest desert lake in the world. The surroundings of the lake present rich prehistoric sites. The great archeologist Richard Leakey is known to have discovered fossils dating back to millions of years at this very site.

The lake itself hosts such animals as crocodiles, hippos and slightly over 40 different species of fish. Enormous Nile perch are a common occurrence in the lake and so is the presence of many species of birds. The communities living around the lake such as rendile, Gabbra and Turkana have adapted to the harsh conditions. They provide excellent company, great cultural experience and tour guide services.