Kenya safari photography

A camera is ideal for capturing those memorable moments in the wild and other outstanding sceneries. Hence to achieve clear and vivid pictures you require a digital camera with not less than 200mm lens. Film for still photos is more expensive in Kenya so you may need to bring along your own film and other accessories such as batteries.

Video cameras are also recommended but try and avoid carrying bulky video camera accessories such as tripod stands and Fresnel lamps. Expect to shoot approximately half an hour of video each day and 30 exposures of film for still photos.

As a standard rule, only photograph a person if you have his or her consent or you may end up paying dearly for the snap. Some locals from the Maasai tribe have adapted to the ‘pausing’ profession and sometimes demand a lot of money to have their picture taken.

cameraGame park administration permits photography within the confines of the park. Feel free to click away and capture those rare moments, you are only limited by the strength of your camera battery and perhaps the memory.

The only places where there might be restrictions in photography are government establishments such as the Central bank of Kenya, department of defense among many others. However, these places have clearly spelt out signs prohibiting the practice, be on the lookout for such signs. Contravening these restrictions might lead to unnecessary confrontation with law enforcers.

The only way you can keep the memories of your Kenyan safari fresh is by taking unlimited photos. Make use of this opportunity and have fun while at!