Health Travel Insurance

healthAs a tourist you need to be in a good state of health in order to enjoy your safari experience. Tourists visiting for a limited period of time are usually subjected to hectic schedules by their tour operators and this might be physically demanding. The terrains are likely to be dusty or muddy and this might be strenuous especially to individuals suffering from such conditions as asthma.

In as much as many lodges have put in place all the necessary preventive measures to keep malaria at bay, it might still be necessary for you to take anti-malarial tablets prior to your flight. This is especially recommended for tourists who are prone to the disease.

Visitors coming in from countries considered to be ‘high risk’ with regard to such diseases as yellow fever are usually required to present a certificate of vaccination. Any country where an outbreak of any contagious disease has been reported is required to ensure that all its citizens are medically fit before flying out. Kenyan Immigration officers are mandated to check for medical compliance before tourists can be allowed in.    

It is also recommended to carry your insurance medical card in case you get sick. Kenya has international standard health facilities including a reputed Flying Doctor service in case you need to be airlifted for medical attention.

It is a statutory requirement that all tour operators be equipped to handle any medical emergency that a tourist might encounter while under their watch. To this end, all accredited tour operators in the country usually have a medical practitioner on stand-by whenever they take tourists out. You get to enjoy your safari at ease with the knowledge that your well-being is taken care of.  Be safe, be at ease while on safari!