7 tips on making your business travel less boring

A business trip demands a lot of focus. Parked schedules and lots of last minute rushes to beat presentation or reporting deadlines might take a serious toll on you. Ergo, business trips can be overwhelming and a tad boring, but with a few tweaks to your schedule, you can be able to reverse the trend. Here are a few things you might need to consider.

Stop over at a public park

Public parks are known to offer the cool and refreshing atmosphere that can help you unwind before your next presentation. It also gives you the opportunity to mingle freely with the locals and forget the burden of the trip for a while.


Engage in light exercises

Exercising keeps you fit and active, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. A morning jog around the hotel might just be enough to clear your mind and get you ready to face the day.

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Assessing your vacation home’s neighborhood safety

With your travel plans finalized and your destination of choice agreed upon, it is time to pose the critical questions. Your safety during the entire duration of the vacation is a pivotal one

You could be travelling to one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, but if your safety is not guaranteed, the joy of traveling fades off. Forget about the possible mishaps during your escapades, safety begins right at your door step. This brings the neighborhood of your potential vacation home into sharp focus.

The digital era has brought with it unlimited access to all the information you might need to know about your destination before you take off. However, information on the social construct, belief systems and general conduct of the people amongst whom you will be living might not be available. Not everyone is hospitable, hostility and insecurity is a possibility.

Here are practical tips to help you choose a safe vacation home neighborhood.

  • Understand Your Preferences

In as much as you would love to book a vacation home that meets all your preferences, this should not force you to compromise on your safety. Sometimes the most luxurious holiday apartments are the most insecure. That’s why you need to do your selection wisely.

Once you have outlined varied preferences, it’s quite easy to sort through the available options. It is necessary that you keep an open mind when evaluating the available options. A safer home that will cost you a few more bucks is certainly better off than a cheap, beautiful home in an unsafe neighborhood.


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Factors to consider before booking a vacation home

Vacation homes are the most preferred choice for travelers looking to enjoy long holidays. Compared to hotels, vacation rentals are affordable especially to groups of travelers, more private and offer a homely feeling to holiday goers. Due to the high demand of vacation rentals during specific periods it’s important to consider the factors below before settling for a vacation rental.

Choosing your ideal vacation rental

It’s important to choose a vacation home that best suits the type of vacation you are looking forward to having. Whether it’s a beach house or a tented camp, you should be able to decide the ideal place and space for your vacation.

A vacation home at the beach

A vacation home at the beach


Most vacation rentals are booked even a year in advance owing to their demand during specific months. It is always advisable to take your vacation during off peak periods to avoid high rental prices as demand rises. This could also help avoid extra expenses and take advantage of quality services offered.

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Nairobi‘s Best Business Hotels

Nairobi Serena Hotel

The Nairobi Serena could be your ideal venue for your business stay while in Nairobi. This five star hotel is located less than a kilometer from the city centre. Its proximity to East Africa’s busiest city facilitates easy access to the main business centers. Amenities such as free Wi-Fi and phones allow you to work from your suite and maintain communication.



Sarova Stanley

Located at the heart of Nairobi, the Sarova Stanley hotel is a five star hotel that offers a quiet yet strategic location for business travelers. Its well-maintained historical touch gives it a unique heritage thus providing a homely feeling to visitors. Equipped meeting rooms, internet and phone services can easily be equated to a mobile office.

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Popular Family Getaways In Kenya

When planning a family Getaway several factors have to come into play, first it has to be inclusive since you will be traveling with the children. The setting has to be appealing to both age groups and worth every dime you spend on the trip. Lets look at some of the best Family Getaways that often leave unforgettable memories to those who have had a chance to visit.

Maasai Mara

Masai-MaraThis place is pretty much a household name, thanks to its rich savanna landscape that offers a home to the world’s most cherished wildlife. This 1,500km square reserve is located approximately 243 km from Nairobi.

A four-hour drive from Nairobi gets you into the breathtaking Mara National Reserve and lets you and your family enjoy a scenery of wild animals such as Lions, cheetahs, elephants, leopards and a variety of birds species.

Accommodation at the Mara can be pocket friendly depending on the period of travel. Avoid the months of August and September unless you have a bigger budget to work with. These months are famous for wildebeest migration and most lodges are looking to cash in on the season.

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