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about-africa-safarisAfrica Safari Reports offers tourists and other safari enthusiasts an opportunity to plan, venture out and get the best out of their African safari experiences. We are your one stop portal for all your safari needs, from identifying the best combination of safari destinations and their respective lodgings, identifying and hiring the best tour operator to take care of your sight-seeing experiences, planning your itinerary to finally going out and reveling in the wondrous wilderness of Kenya. We believe in exclusivity, luxury, comfort and a dose of the warm African hospitality, all packaged nicely into one irresistible offer.

 We are your leading Kenyan safari holiday expert guide!

We have a huge collection of lodges, hotels and safari destinations for your perusal. We present a multitude of accommodation options to pick from; from the white sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast to the bushes of the North. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel with a remarkable semblance of your up-market home or a tent that is nicely tacked away in the bushes for the extreme adventurists, we have got you covered.

The ultimate aim of our website is to ensure that:

  • You get to deal with the best safari operators that the industry can offer
  • You experience utmost flexibility in terms of the safari destinations and accommodation that you settle on
  • You get the best value for your hard earned cash, thanks to the large number of tailor-made safari  accommodation plans on our site
  • You not only visit Kenya but experience it to the fullest

Kenya is blessed with an extraordinary and breathtaking cross section of wild flora and fauna, outstanding geographical features and historical sites, enough to make your safari worthwhile. The country also boasts of a myriad of boutique hotels and lodgings where tourists can put up while enjoying their escapades in the wild. AfricaSafarireports.com has collapsed all these in one place, making it easy to prioritize, plan and execute your travel plans.

about-africa-safaris-2A visit to Kenya requires proper knowledge and first-hand experience of the vast tourist attractions and destinations. We provide you with all the correct information on all these. We sell the products on our site with confidence, backed with the approval of our safari experts and the concerned authorities. We guarantee a level of quality and service that is beyond your expectations.

It is time to get in line! Get to enjoy the best safari encounters that Kenya can offer. Don’t just experience Kenya, explore and savor what the country has to offer.

Africa Safari Reports® is an initiative of Venture Kenya. Venture Kenya initiates and sponsors various youth projects to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship among the young people in Kenya.