About Kenya

ecotourism-1-Surprising as it might sound, the whole concept of taking a safari is entirely African. Not only is Africa considered to be the cradle of mankind but also the world’s most endowed continent in terms of scenery, landscapes, adventure spots and the general idea of going out on a wild tour.

East Africa and Kenya in particular takes the lion’s share of the places to visit in Africa. From the greatest animal show-piece that is the annual wildebeest migration, the rare and scattered postcard sceneries of Acacia tree-dotted Savannas, the beautiful sunny sand beaches along the coastline to the chimps and Gorillas swinging away on branches of the trees in the indigenous forests and mountains.

A trip to Kenya will never be complete without a chance to sample the large numbers of game, including the big five roaming the open plains in the game parks and game reserves, the rich cultural values and practices of such communities as the Maasai as well as the craters and valleys that characterize the Great Rift Valley. If you are looking for contrasts and diversity of cultures, landscapes, wildlife and a host of other options in safaris then you have every reason to hop onto the next flight and head to Kenya. It is the only place where you will get to experience a different kind of safari every day for the entire duration of your stay.

Whether you are thinking of a short get-away from your busy work schedule or looking forward to a long adventurous safari in the wild, accommodation is an issue you cannot wish away.  Kenya boasts of authentic modern accommodation including five star hotels and boutique guest houses. There are also the less formal and customized accommodation such as beach resorts, tree houses, rustic bush camps and tented safari camps. There is a myriad of stylish Kenyan lodges to pick from based on the level of comfort and adventures that you might be looking for.