Aberdare National Park

aberdare1The Aberdare National Park sits on 767 square kilometers of land covered with Salient tropical rain forest to the east and wild attractive moorland to the West. The park also has the best vantage points for wildlife viewing due its high altitude. It covers the elevated areas of the Aberdare Mountains of Central Kenya.

Apart from the strategic viewpoints that this park has, you also get  an easy  close-up look at the animals it shelters such as the elusive Bongo antelope, lions, leopards, the endangered Black Rhino, colobus and sykes monkeys and one of the cats you don’t see very often – the golden cat. It also offers a good habitat for over 250 species of birds including eagles, goshawks, the Jackson’s Francolin, plovers among other species.

Visitors can enjoy exclusive accommodation in the Ark or Treetops where game viewing continues even at night. There are also five picnic sites for picnic lovers; camping lovers have eight special sites including a camp site in the moorland that is open to the public.aberdare2