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Africa’s Ultimate Guide to Prime Safari Destinations and Lodges

The thrill of an African safari lies in the action-packed adventures, the breathtaking moments when exploring the wilderness and indulgence in the opulence of Africa’s prime safari lodges. It is not enough to just make a decision to go on a safari, the options and combination of experiences available for you make all the difference. We offer you a myriad of choices with regard to safari destinations and accommodation facilities.

Luxury Lodges

These are unique hotels with features that stand out from an ordinary hotel.

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Tented Lodges/Bush Camps

Nothing brings you close to nature than a tented camp in the wilderness.

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Safari Lodges

Safari lodges are conveniently located in close proximity of national parks

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Beach Resorts

Beach resorts usually have the beach as the most important focal point.

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Vacation Homes

Vacation homes cater for short term rental needs of tourists who intend to spend an entire vacation

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Hotels provide exceptional services to visitors especially on a short term basis.

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Experience the breathtaking sceneries, the rich African culture, diverse species of wildlife, refreshing nature walks and the warm brand of African hospitality


Royal Mara Safari lodge

The lodge is conveniently located along the route of the famous wildebeest migration. It provides valuable accommodation to tourists who would like a front row seat to witness the migration

Featured Attractions

Annual wildebeest migration

Declared the 8th wonder of the world, this annual event occurs during the month of July through October. Herds of wildebeests migrate from the Serengeti National park in Tanzania to the green Maasai Mara National Reserve. Read more...

Flamingoes of Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru presents the greatest “pink spectacle” on earth with millions of flamingoes roaming its shores in search of algae. The lake is also a nestling and breeding ground for 13 other bird species including the great white pelicans. This is a dream destination for bird watchers. Read more...

Aberdare National park

Scenic beauty in the Aberdare Mountain ranges of central Kenya. The park is famous for bird watching, trekking, camping, game viewing, horse riding and photography. Read more...